The Power Of Planning

The Power Of Planning
By Christy Banda x Published Feb 11, 2022 x EntrepreneurGetting StartedGrowing Your Business

When it comes to sticking to my goals, a big roadblock I’ve truly had to face is the time management and mindset aspect of goal planning. Being able to set goals and stick to them, being realistic but continuing to shoot for the stars, and ultimately, figuring out where I'm going to find the time to complete these goals.

Holding myself accountable to my goals has been challenging throughout the years. I'm always filled with so many ideas but no idea how to execute them in the most effective way. A few years back I started integrating a planner into my routine, and although it was helpful, it still wasn’t really helping me in the way I needed. After playing around on Microsoft Word, I made my own planner template to create a planner that was going to suit my needs. It not only helped me establish goals, but it allowed me to distinguish my personal goals and my business goals.

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to turn off the switch from business to your personal life, and I found that was where I was struggling along in my goals as well. My personal goals and my business goals were ultimately working towards the same bigger picture, but I was not treating them as the separate entities that they are.

While this new template I developed was already so much more helpful than what I had been using as it really dove deep into what I needed to suit my needs, I still found myself slipping away from being consistent with planning around my life and goals.

Christmas came around and my wife, Amanda, gifted me with a copy of the planner I created. My own creation was brought to fruition, and having that physical copy just made everything feel so real and helped motivate me to build my plans and stick to them.

From there on out, I began using my planner as a daily tool towards my overall success. As the years went by, I’ve found more and more details to add that led me to build the perfect planner.

My perfect planner is what you guys now know as the FTGU Life + Business Planner. It took many years of revision but I finally built a planner to suit my needs as an entrepreneur, as a person, and for individuals like myself. This planner has helped me find the motivation to keep going, a way to accomplish goals within my personal life and as well as goals for my business. From planning my week down to specific days, I'm able to plan towards one big goal but strategize with smaller goals throughout the week that will allow me to get there.

Now that I'm a father (soon to be a dad of 2), it's imporant for me now more than ever to create a healthy work and life balance. I'm aiming to successfully run a business while also being able to spend quality time with my little ones and wife. If I continue to utilize my planner and hold myself accountable to my goals, I'll be able to have my business positioned the way I want it to be before the arrival of my son.

If you already have a planner that you use, or even if you don't, it's time to upgrade your planner by purchasing an FTGU Foundation Kit. You will receive the very life and business planner I use, a community discord with fellow entrepreneurs, and monthly training calls to keep you aligned with your goal planning. My biggest recommendation is to find a way where you can organize your business and personal goals separately. The fulfillment of being able to see the different areas of your life progressing is unmatched, and the FTGU Life + Business Planner will allow you to accomplish that.

Studies have shown that when you write something down, you’re more likely to do it. My planner gives me a sense of accountability, it’s like putting something out in the universe and going after it because it’s already out there. Planners are powerful tools to utilize to keep you on track for reaching your goals. I can confidently say that goal planning has helped guide me to where I am, and will continue to guide me to accomplishing my goals. In 2021, I set out the goals to get an office space, build a team, and push out my merch line. These were all goals I was able to achieve through planning my year and holding myself accountable to those goals. As I continue to plan my 2022 with my FTGU Life + Business Planner, I hope you can all join me on this very empowering journey.

Purchase your own by clicking here.

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